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Edwin F. Barry, DC, DABCO

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At Avalon Laser Therapy, Dr. Edwin Barry offers patients relief from failed back surgeries and other injuries. He is a chiropractic orthopedist specializing in all aspects of laser therapy. The doctor and his staff offer their services to residents in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, as well as those who live in Voorhees Township, New Jersey.

Failed Back Surgery

How can Lasers Help With Failed Back Surgeries?

A failed back surgery can occur for several reasons. A procedure is considered to be failed if it does not produce the desired results. In some cases, the damage may have been corrected, but the problem still exists due to arthritis or other health conditions that began to appear before it was corrected. Using lasers to help correct the problems associated with a failed back procedure can help reduce pain and inflammation, reproduce new cells that aid in the healing process, and eliminate problems associated with other health conditions that may have developed due to the original injury that were not corrected.

What Happens When a Back Surgery Fails?

A person who has a failed back surgery will begin to experience renewed pain and discomfort. Inflammation and swelling can begin to appear in the same area as the surgery or in other areas. A failed back surgery may expose other problems that the patient didn't know they had. If the procedure is performed incorrectly or a misdiagnosis resulted in an unnecessary procedure, the results can be life altering. After a failed back surgery, the patient will need to undergo additional procedures to help correct the new health issues they are experiencing. The doctor may opt to use less invasive methods of treatment such as laser technology and physical therapy to help remedy the new situation.

How Long Does it Take to Heal After a Laser Back Procedure?

Laser back procedures are non-invasive which means a shorter, less restrictive recovery time. Lasers work in many ways that allow the body to heal at a much faster rate than conventional forms of therapy. Lasers introduce intense light waves into the damaged area of the spine, effectively reducing both inflammation and pain. The lasers are also able to stimulate the production of new cells that strengthen and support the injured area. New cell growth helps to stabilize the bones and joints, allowing them to recover more quickly. When conventional therapies are used, the healing time can be at least two to three months. With laser therapy, the recovery time can be reduced to four to eight weeks.