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Edwin F. Barry, DC, DABCO -  - Pain Management Physician

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Edwin F. Barry, DC, DABCO

Pain Management Physician & Laser Therapy Specialist located in Voorhees, NJ

Dr. Edwin Barry is a Board Certified Chiropractor and laser specialist who offers a variety of treatment options for patients who suffer from plantar fasciitis and other conditions that affect the tendons and ligaments. At Avalon Laser Therapy, the doctor and his staff serve residents who live in and near Voorhees Township, New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA.

Plantar Fasciitis Q & A

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is the long strip of fibrous connective tissue that connects the toes to the back of the heel. It has a curved shape and supports the arch of the foot. This long strip of fascia can become inflamed due to long periods of standing or walking. It can also be injured during athletic activity. The fascia can become stretched or damaged causing the arch to fall. Plantar fasciitis is extremely painful and can make it difficult for a person to stand or walk after long periods of inactivity. Plantar fasciitis will become more severe if a person is inactive. Maintaining a moderate level of activity will keep blood flowing to the area and help to reduce the intensity of the pain.

What Type of Laser Techniques can Relieve the Pain of Plantar Fasciitis?

Laser techniques are extremely effective when it comes to the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Lasers are non-invasive procedures that produce minimal side effects. The laser works by emitting sound or light waves that are directed toward the targeted area. The energy waves alter the pain receptors, reducing pain and breaking up inflammation. The laser also stimulates cells to reproduce new, healthier cells that work to support the tissues around the injury. This not only stabilizes the injured area but also works to strengthen it as well. Lasers can work in several capacities when it comes to healing bone and tendon injuries and work well when combined with other treatment options.

What Other Treatment Options are Available for Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is extremely painful and often worsens after periods of extended inactivity. Doctors who specialize in laser therapies will often include them in a patient's treatment plan because they are non-invasive and offer few side effects. To maximize the healing benefits of the laser procedures, doctors also recommend other treatment options as well. These include physical therapy, stretching exercises, walking, swimming, over the counter anti-inflammatories and pain medications as well as acupuncture and massage therapy. Keeping the area strong and the arch properly supported are two key factors in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.